Spojeni s důvěrou

Spojenie s dôverou

Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

Spojeni s důvěrou

Spojení s dôverou

Connected with trust

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For clients who have concluded contractual relationship with the I.CA, here we offer the following Web services:

  • „Administration of certificates“ service is designed for clients with large numbers of issued certificates and is used for their comfort management according to specified criteria
  • „Change of contact details“ provides the option to update contact details* which I.CA use for communication with their clients (the message of impending expiration of the certificate)
  • „Overview of issued  time stamps“ allows you to monitor the number of timestamps taken by to specified criteria


Access to individual services is authenticated by usage of commercial certificate and the I.CA, which you have specified in the contract:

Administration of certificate
Change of contact details
Overview of issued time stamps


* In case you use a qualified certificate and are interested in "change of contact details", please contact us at info@ica.cz.

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