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Connected with trust

D. Trust
Certifikačná Autorita a.s.

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Connected with trust

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This software allows you to use Starcos 3.5 smart card in MAC OS applications and provides a card management tool. SW consists of several modules:

  • SecureStore PKCS11 - card-based component in Mozilla Firefox applications on the OS X platform using Cryptoki
  • Application I.CA SecureStore - OS X application for card management.

I.CA SecureStore is a stand-alone OS X platform application with the following basic features:

  • generating a key pair up to 2048 bits on the card at the same time as creating the appropriate certificate request of the selected type (commercial, qualified)
  • import of the issued certificate to the card - the issued certificate in the DER format stores the card in the respective storage for a pair of keys
  • import of certificates of communication partners and root certificates of supported certification authorities
  • working with certificates stored on the smart card and managing the storage on the card - including deleting and importing certificates
  • PIN management - PIN change (via old PIN can be set new), unlock PIN (new PIN can be set via PUK entry)
  • monitoring the usage of card space (card lifetime is not controlled by the application)
  • using the free space of the card to store any files. The free space storage can be selected in two variants:
    • unsecured, which is freely accessible
    • secure, which is accessible only after entering the PIN for this storage. This storage is suitable, for example, for password management.

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