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Certificate revocation is an act that terminates a certificate before the expiry of the lifetime indicated on the certificate. The reason for early termination of a certificate may be, for example, theft of the PC containing data for the creation of an electronic signature. A revoked certificate is put on the Certificate Revocation List – CRL. More information on the issuing of the CRL can be found in the certification policy for the relevant type of certificate.

Here you can apply for revocation of a commercial or qualified certificate issue by I.CA. However, keep in mind that after the revocation of your certificate, it will not be possible to renew it again.

Qualified Certificate Revocation
Commercial Certificate Revocation

 If you have not succeeded in revoking your certificate using the above links, it is possible to use other options.

 Other options to revoke an I.CA certificate:

  • electronically at the e-mail address: - this message must be electronically signed
  • handover of a written application in person at the I.CA Registration Authority
  • by registered letter mailed to the address of První certifikační autorita, a.s..

The particular procedures for individual options to revoke an I.CA certificate are specified in Chapter 4.9 of the Certification Policy

Registration authorities



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