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A Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal is based on Act No. 297/2016 Coll., On Confidence - Building Services for Electronic Transactions, a recognized electronic seal that can be of two types:
  • Guaranteed electronic seal based on a qualified electronic seal certificate
  • Qualified electronic seal, ie a guaranteed electronic seal, which is using a qualified electronic seal device and is based on a qualified certificate for electronic seal.

The above law regulates the use of both types of electronic seals. The public signatory, if legally acting, uses a qualified electronic seal. Those who act legally against the public signer can use both types of seals. Detailed provisions of Sections 8 and 9 of the Act.

The eIDAS Regulation then specifies that:

  • for a qualified electronic seal, the presumption of data integrity and the originality of the data with which the qualified electronic seal is associated,
  • qualified electronic seal based on a qualified certificate issued in one Member State is recognized as a qualified electronic seal in all other Member States.

In case the searcher is not interested in managing the above solution, he can use the I.CA Remote Seal service   - electronic sealing remotely.

The procedures for obtaining certificates and other important information are available in the Certification Policy document  .


  • is intended for legal entities,
  • is issued to the I.CA Registration Authority on presentation of:
      • of the electronic request (if the applicant has not chosen to place it on the I.CA server),
      • a valid identity card or passport of another identity card (health insurance card, passport, driving license ...),
      • on the proof of the existence of a company not older than 6 months (extract from the Commercial Register, trade license, certificate of registration of ČSU and assignment of ID),
      • document confirming the existence of employment,
      • detailed information on the requirements for submitted documents and negotiations on behalf can be found here  .

    If a qualified certificate is required to create qualified electronic seals (the private key is stored on a qualified resource for creating qualified electronic seals - HSM module), please contact

    Registration authorities



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