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Certification policy and certification practice statement

Certification Policy is a document that defines in particular the method of issuance of a certificate, further administration, use, acceptance, termination, revocation and any other activities related to the management of paired data. I.CA issues Certification Policies for individual types of offered certificates.

Certification Practice Statement is document, which regulates the conditions for issuing certificates, specifies the procedures referred to in the relevant certification policies I.CA.

Policies of other services

Here you will find policies for the issuance of electronic time stamps by TSA2, for the validation of qualified electronic signatures and seals (I.CA QVerify) and the policy for creating qualified electronic seals at a distance (I.CA RemoteSeal). 

Pravidlá na výkon certifikačných činností je dokument, ktorý upravuje podmienky pre vydávanie certifikátov.

Pravidlá na výkon certifikačných činností konkretizujú postupy uvedené v príslušných certifikačných politikách I.C

Registration authorities