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I.CA provides its clients with a comprehensive portfolio of certificates to ensure secure communication. I.CA's commercial technology (server) certificates are designed primarily for secure server communications. Using this type of certificate is not suitable for Web site security (SSL certificate).
Certificates are issued for one year. The procedures for obtaining certificates and other important information are available in the Certification Policy document  .

 Get a signature certificate

If you have a problem to create an on-line application for a subsequent technological certificate, it is possible to apply for a so-called commercial signature certificate. This certificate is issued free of charge, and only for the technology certificate. You do not need this signing certificate when using a technology certificate in a Microsoft environment.


  • Is intended for legal entities.
  • Is issued to the I.CA Registration Authority on presentation of:
      • the electronic request (if the applicant has not chosen to place it on the I.CA server), created electronic request (if the applicant did not choose to save it to the I.CA server), which must contain the name of the applicant's organization in the item "name". A full registered name is not required, only the short name of the organization under which the applicant normally appears may be given. The name of the organization may be accompanied by the name of the device, service or component, but may not include an FQDN or IP address,
      • a valid Identity card or passport,
      • on the proof of the existence of a company not older than 6 months (extract from the Commercial Register, trade license, certificate of registration of ČSU and assignment of ID),
      • the document that entitles the applicant to negotiate for the company,
      • detailed information on the requirements for submitted documents and negotiations on behalf can be found here  


    To validate the validity of the certificate, it is necessary that the client, browser, available all certificates to build the entire certification path. I.CA root certificates are an automated part of MS Internet Explorer, respectively. the trusted root certificate program's trusted root certificate store.

    If the web browser does not use the standard trusted root certificates store, you need to install these certificates manually (here you can download the I.CA RootMan application that installs all current root certificates into your system). I.CA is currently working intensively on the inclusion of its root certificates and the trusted certificates store for other browsers.

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    8/28/2019 Swedish partnership
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    7/16/2019 I.CA starts issuing certificates using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
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    3/27/2019 I.CA became a member of the OBE QTSP Working Group
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