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For purposes in which qualified certificates can not be used with respect to current legislation (CR and SR) we offer commercial certificates. These are mainly used in the areas of authentication and data encryption.

Commercial Certificate

Technological (server) certificate

Commercial Certificate for SSL


From the May 7, 2016 request for qualified certificate must contain the following items. A request that would have disallowed items I.CA rejects and certificate not issue.

  • Item CN (commonName) must not contain: domain name (eg.,; IP address (eg.
  • Item SAN (Subject Alternative Name) must not contain: dNSName; iPAddress
  • Item EKU (Extended Key Usage) must not contain: anyExtendedKeyUsage; id-kp-serverAuth

Registration authorities



8/28/2019 Swedish partnership
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7/16/2019 I.CA starts issuing certificates using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
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3/27/2019 I.CA became a member of the OBE QTSP Working Group
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