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“Internal error has occurred, the user profile is not available”

This error message can be displayed during the transfer of a certificate from the Windows XP operating system to the Windows 7 operating system. Detailed instructions are available here .

“SHA2 application cannot be generated, operating system upgrade necessary”

The minimum requirement for the generation of an application using the SHA-2 algorithm and the key length of 2,048 bits is the Windows XP Service Pack 3 operating system. If you have an older system, it is necessary to upgrade it. More information is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic;  (PDF available for download)

“Provider not found”

During the course of generation of an application for a certificate, a private key is created. The storage location of the key may be in a PC, on a smart card or on a USB token. The storage location is determined by the CSP provider (= key type). If you choose the key storage location on a smart card, for example, and there is no smart card in the reader (or no drivers have been installed), the computer will display the “Provider not found” error message.

  • Key type for smart cards: SecureStore CSP
  • Key type for PC Microsoft: Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider
  • Other HW solutions: the CSP is indicated by the manufacturer

“Certificate being installed in a PC where the application was not generated”

There may be several reasons for this message to appear during the installation of a certificate. More information is available here .

No application for a certificate could be generated on the website

If you have not succeeded to generate an application using the on-line forms available on this website, you can use the ICA NewCert off-line application. The application can be downloaded here .

„Error 0x80090010 - Access denied“

This error message is displayed when creating a certificate request, if you grant permission to use the generated key. The procedure for the removal of the error, see here 

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8/28/2019 Swedish partnership
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7/16/2019 I.CA starts issuing certificates using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
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3/27/2019 I.CA became a member of the OBE QTSP Working Group
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